Friday, Feb. 22, 2002 || How quickly a decade can pass...

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A decade. Wow, doesn't that make ten years sound so much longer than it really is? How can 10 years seem an eternity when you are a child, but as an adult, as a wife and mother, ten years is but the blink of an eye?

Our first born is 10, today. Ten years ago about this time I lay awake in bed, nervous and anxious about being induced that morning. We were due at the hospital by the ungodly hour of 6 AM or so, if I remember correctly. I was 16 days overdue. My contractions had been mild and sporatic for over a month, but not enough to kick me into full-fledged labor.

Inducing isn't all bad. After all, I was able to shower, and even put on some make up and curl my hair. And my coach got a full night's rest.

My doctor decided to break my water and see if I would progress on my own. And before I knew it, real live contractions were hitting me. Natural childbirth...what's that?! Give me some IV drugs!

Ahhhh...that's more like it! I even slept between contractions and muttered things about The Brady Bunch. I stymied at about 6 cm, so the pitocin was hooked up. That sped things up rather nicely, and when the doc came in to check me he asked if I wanted more drugs. Hey, why not, these were legal and pretty darn good!!

A few minutes pass...

"Ah, nurse, I think I need to push...."

"Oh, no honey, you can't be ready to push. The doctor just checked you, and he went to get you more meds, and it can't be time yet...."

"Ah, nurse, I REALLY think I need to push!..."

"OK (impatient sigh), well, the doctor can check you when he comes in..."

"Oh, yup, you are ready!"

"Really?! You don't say!?"

Less than twenty minutes later, and a mere 7.5 hours from start to finish, our little girl was in my arms. I was so sure this baby was going to be a boy, but so wanted "him" to be a girl.

Amazement. Exhiliration. Exhaustion.

A miracle.


"Kaytlin, say Daddy!"
"Mommy!" (age 1)

“Mommy, it’s dark."
“I know.”
“Jesus turned the light out!” (age 2)

"Kaytlin, why did Jesus die on the cross?”
“For our skins!” (age 3)

So many memories. Stitches, twice in one year. It took 4 of us to hold her down for the local! Boys calling at the ripe old age of 6 (NOT! said Daddy, putting an end to that real quick). A parade of friends, hair bows, storybook dreams, laughter, and tears.

A little girl all too quickly becoming a young woman.

Precious memories for the early morning hours of a tenth birthday.

And a mommy sighs.

~ ~ ~

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