Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2002 || Ain't that cute?

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I altered my design a bit and changed the picture. I even got creative and gave it a watercolor type look. I am most impressed with myself (grins)!

Our short hiatus down south of here was really cool. For one, we bought a scanner and digital camera - big yeah! The camera is too cool. We have taken so many pictures already and are just having a blast with it. So, one of these days I suppose I will get a gold membership so I can be cool like Jess and have a pic of the week.

Even cool-er is that I have faced some things that have been struggles for me and it went GREAT! God is so cool. Saturday night I did some real soul searching and released a lot of pain from some hurts of the past. Then on Sunday night, I was faced with the cause of that pain...and it didn't matter anymore! I could smile and mean it! I came away from this trip feeling refreshed and renewed, and even a bit proud of myself for facing down some of my "c" word stuff.

We went to Lambert's with our good buddy, Chris, just before we made the drive home...I just love that place. Good company, all-you-can-eat southern delicacies (including my personal favorite, fried okra), and flying bread stuffs - now, tell me, what could be better than that!? If you want a taste of the south mixed in with Ozark hospitality, this is the place to go. Even the menu has entertainment value, boasting of "Something Southern" which, if my memory serves me correctly, included a truck load of white beans with your choice of ham, bologna, or hog jowls, and a cigar or Big Red gum to finish it off!

Mmmmmm...mmmmm! Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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