Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002 || My valentine

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Valentine's Day...

In years past, I have to admit, I have had high expectations for the day only to have my hopes and dreams dashed as the day flew by in a whirlwind of "life" activities with no time for the one I love...or should I say, no time from the one I love.

But not this year. Instead of waiting for him to plan an awesome day, or even few hours, together, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I set up a sitter for a lunch date for the two of us, which worked out perfectly as the crowds were slim, our food was ready in a jiffy, and it was absolutely yummy (a local favorite, The Pasta House Company). We even sat together on the same side of the booth (I can hear the collective AAAWWWWWWWs). Aren't we too cute!?

You know, as one who has been married over 13 years, I generally scorn those mushy-gushy, romantic, my-hubby-is-the-greatest, he-does-no-wrong, I-see-stars-when-I-look-in-his-eyes type of entries. Let's face it ladies, they aren't always the greatest. Dirty underwear behind the bathroom door, toilet seats in the upright position, trash overflowing, foreplay that might be best described as "Here I am baby, come and get it" get the picture.

But there are those days, those wonderful days when you look into his eyes and you do see stars. Or your tummy gets those butterflies know, like the first time he told you how beautiful you looked or he spotted you across a crowded room and winked.

Today has been one of those days. And I just want to take the time to say I am grateful. Grateful to be married to a guy who, though far from perfect, is committed to putting up with me and all my "crap". Who sees a beautiful person in here somewhere (so he says) when all I see is an aging, 30-something mom of 3 with too many issues to count. Who thinks the stretch marks and varicose veins are beauty marks for carrying our babies for a collective 2 years and 20 months. Who tries to make me laugh through my tears. Who says I still make his tummy do that flip-flop thing now and again.

That's my valentine.

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