Friday, Feb. 08, 2002 || The flu that keeps on giving...and giving...and giving...

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Yup, I am still sick. And what is annoying is that it is not like I am really, really sick - just sick enough to be grumpy and feel all around icky. You know, the kind of flu-bug that makes you snappy and groggy and headachy. Fun stuff, yes-siree-bob.

And did I mention that I just don't have time to be sick? I have bills to pay, clothes to wash, clothes to unpack, clothes to wash, stuff to clean, did I mention clothes to wash...?

Yes, the bane of a mother's and wife's existence - laundry.

Can I just say I hate it!? It is not so much the putting it in the washer or even transferring it to the dryer or hanging things up to dry. Its the folding and putting away that I abhor. What's so bad about living out of clothes baskets?! Well, liking organization and pulling your wardrobe out of a tangled mess of wrinkled clothing each day just doesn't quite mesh. So, in the long run we end up with one annoyed chicklet in this household (that would be me), know-what-I-mean!?

Wow, aren't I a moaning bundle of joy and cheer today!?

On a brighter note, let me just say that my three-year-old has been a doll the past few days. He has been doing his own thing while mom has tried to sleep this thing off or schlept about in pjs and/or robe. And that doing his own thing has not involved breaking or destroying anything. What a kid!

My dh has been at a conference the past two days, and when he came in for lunch today I heard him asking Parker, "Where's Mommy?" "She's sick. She doesn't feel good," he told his dad.


So, I guess there is a bit of a silver lining in this whole flu mess. One little guy by the name of Parker has displayed what a thoughtful, sweet, little man he is.

And his mom wasn't too busy to notice.

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