Wednesday, Jan. 02, 2002 || The chaos now down to a dull roar

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I only have a few minutes before I have to convince Parker (3 years old) that it is time for his nap. He will say, "I not need a nap!" And those baby blues of his make him hard to resist at times, but alas, if I do not abide by my better judgement, there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth at Bible Study tonight when one adorable 3 year old becomes a whining bundle of frustration!

And Nathan (8) just came in to announce that it is only 3 minutes until Parker's naptime. Wow, you might think, this big brother cares that his little bro gets the rest he needs. But, no, that is not the case. I told Nathan that he could play a video game when Parker took a nap (it is one of those shooting games that his daddy so loves that I can barely tolerate, but I am told it is bonding time for the guys). So, this little proclamation was, of course, with an alterior motive. Ah, childhood. The days when manipulation seems innocent and creative!

The Hall clan packed their van and headed back to TX about an hour ago. They won't get in till the wee hours of tomorrow morning. They seemed both hesitant to leave and glad to be heading home. You know, that "we have had a really great time, and we will miss you, but we can't wait to be sleeping in our own beds again" attitude.

OK - wait a minute - hold that thought! They are BACK! They got lost within the first hour, and turned around and came BACK. Oh my goodness, this is TOO FUNNY!!

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