Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006 || Are you settled in your trust of the new technology?

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Val tagged me with this “meme”, a word association activity, so here goes nothing…

Settled. It sounds kind of boring, and it isn’t all-inclusive, but now that Rob and I have been together close to 18 years married – 19 as a “couple” – I feel settled. In a good way. I don’t have to try real hard to be with him, you know what I mean? We get each other (for the most part – that PMS week can still throw things for a loop). We enjoy each other. There isn’t anyone I’d rather be with in this world. While we still try to add a bit o’ flair and excitement to our relationship, it is wonderful to have someone you can just BE with.

I guess close to two decades can do that to a pair, eh?

New. At this very moment, my teeth come to mind. Oh yes, more dental woes. I was supposed to have shiny, new veneers/crowns on my front choppers today, but alas, the lab made the buggers too thick, so after enduring more numbing, the removal of the temps put on a week ago, and more sanding and poking of my natural teeth, I was subjected to the application of more temps rather than purty white crowns.

And did I mention that they couldn’t find my impressions from last week? So they had to slide the Bugs Bunny crowns onto my teeth to make a new impression, soooooooo these temps are longer and thicker than my old teeth or the last temps, even though they sanded them down and shortened them a bit after attaching them.

Wearing these new temps actually makes me pretty happy that they’ve order newbies from the lab (though still disappointed that I get to go away this weekend with toofers that look fake), because these are annoying. But they are smooth at least. The last set had a distinctly sandpaper-ish feel, so I felt like I had perpetual morning mouth no matter how many times I brushed in a day.

Okay, so what does that have to do with new? Well, by golly, I will have new choppers one of these days, and today’s two hour stint in the chair will be worth it. Right? Right?!

Did I mention that one of the crowns fell into my mouth, but this time I had the wherewithal to sit up instead of letting it fall to the back o’ my throat?


Technology. Thank God for it! I enjoy watching movies of eras gone by, but when I think of the practicalities – like bathrooms and ovens and tampons and the Internet – I think, oh my word, I am so glad to be born in this era. I also think of how “close” our world is now – how many friends I’ve been able to make from myriad places, all because of this cyber-age. I love communicating, and the instantaneousness of the web fits me hand in glove.

Trust. Maybe because our anniversary is just days away, but when I think of trust, I think of Rob. We’ve had our tough moments, for certain, but I cherish having someone I can trust my thoughts, feelings, joys, frustrations - my heart - with. It came at a price – giving myself to another - but the result is priceless.

Okay, Mar, Janie, Paige, and Bec. Y’all are it.

Oh, and the words are fret, faith, fractious, and football.

(I don’t know! For some reason, I wanted to use f-words. Must have something to do with my dental frustrations.

Heeee. Another f-word.

Okay, I’ll stop now...)

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