Tuesday, Apr. 06, 2004 || "I don't know that word?"

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Mommy, if the doctor doesn't cut the baby out of the mommy's tummy, how does it get out?"

Geesh, will this kid-o-mine ever tire of such questions?

The first two couldn't care less how they got Parker out of me. Kaytlin was even this very age when he popped into the world.

But, Parker, he is the I-need-the-whole-scoop, no-cutsie-pat-answers-for-me kid. After all, remember the "Is it my brain" episode?

So, there we were, he and I, on Saturday afternoon and the how-do-babies-get-out question popped up. I valiantly tried to buy time. I avoided the question with all the grace of a 5th grader in a dodge ball game. To no avail. I finally said, "Parker, I am not going to tell you; you are too young just yet."

"What's daddy's cell phone number? I want to ask him."

Nothing like the game of parental pass the buck, so I gave the little stinker his dad's number.

He must have asked the question 5 times. I could sort of hear Rob playing dumb, I mean sidestepping the question. Parker would not let up.

I finally heard the little guy say, "Womb? I don't know that word. What's a womb?"

He was off the phone soon thereafter. When Rob got home, I asked him how he managed to get off the hook on that one.

Apparantly, Daddy explained that only mommies have wombs and that is what the baby comes out of. And Parker was appeased.

For now.

I-yi-yi. What will I say when he asks where my womb is?

What am I gonna do with this kid?!

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