Thursday, Feb. 06, 2003 || Wings!

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My trip is planned. And I feel good about myself for not resorting to bribery, cajoling, pouting, or whining. We both talked about it, gave each other space to think things through, and expressed our thoughts honestly and openly.

Man, I guess we really are growing up!

So, the deal is that I will get to spend just under a week visiting with my baby sis and various and sundry family and friends. And I have just under a month to get ready, which is a good thing. Not too far away, but not just around the corner either.

I will come back just in time to register my baby for kindergarten.

Wow, I am not going to go there right now!

(And honey, if you are reading this...thanks. Thanks so much for giving me space to be me. To do something that means a lot to me. For giving me wings. I love you more than words can express.)

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