Thursday, Jul. 01, 2004 || Where has the week gone?

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I was actually kind of hoping to get the "you can't update right now, you cheap-non-Gold-member" note when I hit the "add an entry" button. I am still experiencing a writing drought. At least as far as journaling is concerned.

I just don't feel like I have anything worthwhile to talk about!

Let's see...what in the world have I even done this week?!

*I've managed to get on the treadmill two of three days, for a whopping total of 4.5 miles. I was not happy to assess the fact that when I jogged on Monday I could actually feel my butt jiggling. That is not a good thing. I have realized that it is not so much about what I weigh. But I do want to be toned again. Must remind myself that I will not get there sitting in front of this laptop munching on G@rdettos.

*I realized that if I am ever going to really get the plethora of boxes still remaining unpacked, I must, must, must get the kitchen and dining room painted. Several of the remaining boxes have stuff that goes in the hutch and on the kitchen shelving. I haven't wanted to put it out just to move it again when I paint. So I am trying to work up the courage to tackle stripping wall paper and priming walls today.

*I miss Rob. Immensely. We talk often, so it isn't for lack of conversation. We may actually talk more when he is away than when he is here. I just miss him being here. Waking up next to him. Riding in the car with him. Watching him play with the kids. Catching him looking at me, even if it does make me feel all self-conscious and insecure-17-year-old again.

*Our cat, Zorro, is a bit unbalanced. Lately he has taken to stealing Kaytlin's beanie babies and leaving them stashed about the house. I caught him yesterday with the praying bear in his mouth. I found the seal in the family room. I guess he thinks he is a fierce hunter. Yeah, those beanies are vicious little boogers.

*Went to a communion service at our church last night. I found myself woefully distracted. I hate that! It probably didn't help to have a squirming 6-year-old next to me.

*My new license plates are in, though I haven't put them on the van. They say "GO RVENS". Now I just need a Baltimore Ravens frame for the back. Is it football season yet....?

*When we moved here, I determined that I wasn't going to write resumes anymore. I have had two people contact me in the last week to do that very thing. I have been wanting to find a way to make a bit of spending money for myself, so I suppose I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, huh?

Okay, those walls are not going to paint themselves, and my hiney is not going to lose the jiggle if I don't get off my butt and away from this computer.

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