Wednesday, Jun. 18, 2003 || Is it Wednesday already?

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Just about the time I am really ready to clean my house, the floodgates open and I am booking clients left and right.

Good and bad problems to have.

Good because I need to get some extra work done before we go on vacation. The more I complete now, the less I have to do when we return.

Bad because one really must work with the cleaning vibes when they come.

For they cometh none to often aroundeth here.

I have gotten up and ran in the morning the past two days, and I have realized that it really is better for me to run in the AM. I have more energy and I get my butt in gear a lot faster that way.

I am not sure how much longer I can handle going to bed after midnight and getting up at the hiney-crack of dawn (okay, perhaps I am exaggerating, but 6-6:30 AM is early for this chick during the summer-don't-have-to-drag-the-kids-out-of-bed-every-day months.

Almost time for client one of three this afternoon, so I will leave you with some nature pics.

I had absolutely nothing to do with the growth of this amazing plant. It is supposedly a yucca plant. Isnít it dreamy?

Again, yours truly's involvement in the life of these gems: zilcho. But arenít they grand? I love when they start to bloom; they were in bloom when we first looked at this house.

This is a plant my parents sent when Parker was born that I havenít yet killed. Sometimes I water it; sometimes I donít. It blooms gloriously anyway several times a year. I have been told it is in a good window. I know it has nothing to do with me!

I am particularly proud of these because I PLANTED THEM! Yup, a few years ago, I bought this lily and after it bloomed I planted the bulbs. Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Came home to see this little guy a few weeks ago. As long as he stays on his sideÖ

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