Monday, May. 24, 2004 || "You can't do that!" ... Watch me!

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I didn't want to be on pins and needles all day, so shortly after arriving for work, I asked BossMan if I could have 30 seconds of his time. We went into his office, and I said, "I have considered what we talked about on Friday, and this is my official 2-week's notice," as I handed him the letter.

His head literally went back as if he was struck. He was totally shocked. He said, "You know you can't do this. You can't do this!" To which I replied, "Yes, I can."

He tried to tell me that what I am doing is unethical. I told him that I could say that the fact that he will not pay me a fair wage is unethical. He asked if I would stay an extra 2 weeks. I told him that first I would have to speak to my family about it and that in order for it to be a consideration, there would have to be an increase in pay. He did not offer that.

He tried to tell me that he pays me what I asked. I told him, "I came in here to register as an administrative assistant. The amount I told you was what I wanted as an admin." He told me that he gave me the job description and that I knew what the job entailed. I told him that what he gave me was just a list of job duties - it did not lay out my pay, benefits, on-call responsibilities, or his refusal to pay overtime (he gets around that by saying I am "salary" based on an hourly rate for 40 hours per week).

I told him that what cinched it for me was that he is willing to pay our temping admins more than I make and even negotiate pay with companies for them, but he was not willing to negotiate my salary at all. I said, "You tell me that you value my work ethic and dependability, but the way one shows that value in the work place is with compensation."

We ended the meeting by shaking hands. My last day is June 4th.

I am relieved and looking forward to that!

I am learning things from Tonnie now that are confirming my decision. Things they have done to her. She only stays because she can't afford to leave.

I am blessed that I have a choice. It is amazing how someone's true colors will begin to show when you hold their feet to the fire on something.

I haven't heard a work from Sass; I would like to tell her my reasons why, but I am not sure she will care. It sounds like she is a real company gal. The Drama Queen says that is because she likes to boss folks and BossMan lets her boss him.

To each his own.

I think June 7th is gonna be a pajama day.

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