Saturday, Jun. 22, 2002 || Some things just have to wait

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We are back from camp, but I just don't have the energy to relay any camp tales...yet. So, until later, my current fitness update (which you can read in it's entirety here must suffice.

Later, gater!

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Week 16 - June 17th-23rd
Weight: 134.5

When I got on the scale Monday morning, I could hardly believe it! My difficult week really did pay off!! Of course, this week is the start of what I will call "water gain" week (you ladies out there know what I am talking about), so we shall see how things pan out. And of course, we will be at camp for 5 days, so that could make things interesting!
Monday, I went .76 mile at a 4% incline, jogging 6 minutes of it. Tuesday-Friday I walked and walked and walked at the camp, up and down the gravel road. I jogged two of the days until my shins gave me too much grief. I weighed in through the week at 132 and 133. Still holding at 133 on Saturday.
Friday night I used the treadmill: .64 mile at 4% incline in 10 minutes. Saturday: I didn't write down the miles, but I walked for 12 minutes at a 4% incline, mostly at 4 mph that morning. In the evening I went .71 mile in 12 minutes at varying inclines of 8% and 4%. Sunday morning I walked for 10 minutes, going .61 mile, 8% incline for half and 4% incline for the other half. Sunday night I walked for 20 minutes (1.16 mile) at varying speeds and inclines.
Friday night, Rob sent me to Kohl's to get some capris that "weren't so baggy" and I was able to get an 8, though a 6 fit - just too tight for my liking. I found a junior size 7 in flare jeans and they fit - and how could I resist at $7.00 on clearance! I just hope a 32-year-old mom doesn't look like too big a dope in flare jeans...

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