Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2003 || Vacation pictures, phase 1

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Okay, okay, so I have been lax in finishing my vacation summary. It is so much easier to start a project than to finish it, eh?

(Man, a few days in Canada and I can't stop saying "eh".)

Perhaps I should start with some pictures from the days I have already written about.

What do you think of the backdrop for this one? Our kiddos with their Meme and Pepe.

Kari posin’ at Chuck E. Cheese.

Rob managed to beat everyone he played, though Dad got close in one game.

Still a bit timid around the wet stuff.

Nathan, on the other hand, proved quite the swimmer and even taught himself how to dive.

This one could stay in the water all day (and she had the prune-y feet and hands to prove it).

“Oh yeah, we’re all about getting the pictures done.”

Who are these people, and who dressed them?

“Just give me my diet coke and no one will get hurt.”

“You are not taking a picture of me. If I don’t look, you aren’t there.”

I will post some more later. I have got to get on my treadmill tonight!

If you missed my earlier entry, never fear, go here (though in all honesty, you didn't miss much!).

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