Thursday, Jun. 03, 2004 || Surprises, cheesy tourist traps, and almost free

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We had a really good time in Charleston, save numerous hormonal episodes from the almost-teenager.

If she doesn't get her period soon, I may go crazy. I know the moodiness won't stop, but maybe it will be more limited to that glorious time of the month!

Grace was really surprised to see us. I called her while we were driving over from the hotel. I had told her I would call her on Saturday to check up on her. We chit-chatted as Rob pulled into her driveway. I went up to her porch and said, "When did you put the flag on your door?"

She got really quiet. I rang the doorbell. That distracted her, and she said, "OH! Nicole! Someone is at the door. Can you hold on a moment?" I said, "Sure."

Grace is almost blind. She only sees light and shape except for very close-up.

"Who is it?" she asked.


I think she said something to the effect of "oh my God" as the family and I poured into her livingroom. She started to cry as she hugged each one of us.

It was such an amazing moment.

We visited with her a while and then went back to the hotel to swim. We had dinner that evening at a Japanese restaurant right next door. We were seated with a couple and another man. As we all got to talking, we found out that one of the guys was originally from Baltimore. I told him that I had grown up there. Someone asked him what he did in Baltimore, and he said he was in the car business then.

"My dad was in the car business," I said.

"What dealership?"

"F0x Chevr0let."

"What's your father's name?"

I told him, and he said, "I know your father."

How wild is that?

The next day we hung out for a bit at the hotel and swam. We played water football with a couple from Perth, Australia and some kids from Chatanooga. Then we buzzed over to spend some time with Grace before driving downtown.

I have always loved downtown Charleston. Rob took some amazing pictures before we all got so hot we could hardly wait to get back to the van.

Next time, I am going to visit in March or October.

We swam some more, grabbed some dinner at a Southern standard, Sh0ney's, and then hit the sack.

Monday we packed up and then headed back to Grace's for one last visit before hitting the road. This time I had tears in my eyes too.

On the way home we stopped at my mother's favorite tourist trap, S0uth of the B0rder. I don't remember it being quite so rundown and dirty, but the kids still thought it was cool and we got the standard pic with Pedro and cheesy souvenir. I think it has become a trafficking place of sorts - I am quite certain I saw a monetary exchange post-romp or a drug deal, not quite sure which, but I don't know when the last time I saw a woman in pumps and short-short-shorts shake a guy's hand as he closed the trunk of his car. Not a cop in sight anywhere. Kind of makes you wonder who runs that place.

We got back home later than planned. I was wishing for another day off, and pretty much got it when Parker turned up sick that morning. I went in for about a half hour, then did some resume calling and appointment setting from home. Rob left for H0uston that afternoon and it's been mom and the kids ever since.

~ ~ ~

I got what I like to call a "kiss" from Abba Father yesterday. Grace has a gardenia bush by her front door. I have always loved that bush. When in bloom it smells heavenly. Yesterday, as I was taking our trash cans to the curb, that perfumey scent wafted through the air.

There is a gardenia bush right by our deck! I am not sure if it is ours or the neighbors' - it is right on or close to the property line, but it is drapping over our deck, heavy with soon-to-blossom buds. About four have already opened. What a neat little gift!

Sometimes it really is the simplest things.

~ ~ ~

And so tomorrow is my last day as a staffing coordinator. Kind of bittersweet - I really was doing well, and have been told so - but it will be nice to be home again. The last two days couldn't have dragged by any slower either!

I saw my replacement today. It is kind of weird, she looks a lot like Sass. Speaking of which, she stopped in with the baby yesterday. She is a doll! She asked me to call her, but I don't want to talk about the why's on the phone.

So, anyway, I so wanted to grab that girl and say, "Get it all in writing, babe! And do your research!! This job is worth so much more than he wants to pay!!"

But, alas, I know I can't do that.

9-6 tomorrow and I am a free woman.

Did I mention that Monday is going to be a pajama day?

~ ~ ~

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