Tuesday, Dec. 09, 2003 || I will get to come up for some air, right?

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Rob just left for VA. He is driving the Honda (15+ hours) and then he will fly back from BWI on Saturday, leaving the car with the parenthood.

He took a few things to save a bit of space in the trailer. And he took Rufus the arachnid along too. My friend, T and her son S are going to "babysit" the creepy little critter.

Speaking of which, he usually doesn't creep me out, but on Sunday, he climbed the side of the aquarium, again, and when I tried to ease him back down, he scrambled out of the aquarium and was clinging to the outside.

Not cool.

Rob and I managed to ease him back in before he plunged down the back of the boy's dresser.

I have said before, as long as he stays on "his side", I will stay on mine and we will all be happy, happy, happy.

I am not sure you can reason with an arachnid.

So, anyhow, Rob just left. The mission, which he has chosen to accept, is find us a home. He also has some interviews at one company and some loose ends to tie up to get him on base with the day job.

Speaking of that, he was offered $2 more an hour from another company to do the same thing. No brainer there. He has been talking with the owner, and they actually have a project in Dahlgreen, VA that they are having trouble finding subcontractors for, so Rob is going to see if he can't be the "recruiter" for it. It is about midway between the family in MD and Norfolk.

My agenda for the rest of this week is to finish my school work and study, study, study for finals. I have a lab test today, but since she drops the lowest test grade, I have gotten 100% or better on almost everything else, and Parker has the flu, I am skipping class. I have an algebra test tonight too, but have a sitter arranged, so I will spend today focused on that.

And paying some bills.

And looking for Nathan's birth certificate.

And cleaning the house up.

One of these days I will get to come up for some air, right?

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