Thursday, Nov. 06, 2003 || I should have removed the "good communication skills" bullet

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Man! Some people can be so rude!

Let me explain. And if I was way off base, you all can let me know.

Many of you know that I have an in-home résumé service. I work by appointment only since it is in my home. Generally, having someone come early isn't that big of a deal, but, in reality, if your appointment time is at say, 10 AM, and you are early, since you are coming to someone's home, I don't think it is unreasonable to realize that if they are not ready for you, and won't be, until your scheduled appointment time, you are going to have to wait, or come back at your scheduled time.

So, this morning, I have a pick-up appointment scheduled for 10 AM. He rings the door bell at 9:50 AM. I answer the door, explain that I will be ready promptly at 10 AM and apologize. He gets a bit huffy and says, "I guess I'll just wait in my car." I say, "Okay. I will be ready for you at our appointment time."

I open the front door 4 minutes before 10. He storms in, throws the balance for the project on the table, announces that he just needs to leave and asks if his disk is in with the documents. I tell him, "Sir, I need you to read this over to make sure it's okay" (this is standard; I print one copy of each item, have the client read it over, make any necessary changes, then print them 3 clean copies on white paper). He says, "I can't, just give it to me, I have to get back to the hospital." It is then that I learn that he is in such a rush because his wife is at the hospital!

What?! You mean you leave your wife at the hospital, storm in here, expecting me to drop everything and see you when you want without any explanation? Everyone has cell phones these can't call and let me know the situation or reschedule for a more appropriate time? (these are my thoughts)

Argh! So, then I feel like a heel for making him wait, but I had no idea what was going on... And who in the world, assuming this wasn't just a routine thing by the way he squealed wheels out of my driveway, would leave their spouse just to pick up a stinkin' résumé!?

Man, people like that just frustrate the fire out of me!

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Wow, two entries in less than 24 hours! I must be coming down with something.

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