Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2003 || Still so many unknowns

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Wow, so many nice comments in my guestbook about the house.

It is so not ours. Yet. So many uncertainties.

But dreaming about it is cool.

We did find out today that it was on the market just a month ago for about 136,500. It is currently listed for 149,900. Why, you ask? Well, it seems a house quite similar in the same area sold for as much, so they decided to up the price.

Rob had a really promising interview today, but it may not pay enough for us to qualify for the home loan. He has another interview tomorrow and some other leads to explore.

He sounds cautiously upbeat at this point.

Today's interview was for a government contractor assigned to a very large technical project for the Navy and Marines. Originally, Rob wanted to be in VA last week for house and job hunting. We just couldn't work it out, so we booked his flight for this week. A day or two later I found the job listing for this contractor and submitted his resume.

He was contacted about the interview a few days later via e-mail. It was described as a group recruitment-type of setting on the 18th. Choose-one-of-three-times kind of thing.

Turns out the guy conducting the orientation/interviews today goes from city to city. It just so happens he was in Norfolk the very week we planned Rob's trip.

He and Rob hit it off. Not only did Rob get the highest score on an assessment test they gave, he and the recruiter had lunch together after the session, at the recruiter's request. Turns out he is a Christian and was a church planter.

I can tell Rob would really like to get on with this company, so perhaps they will offer him a team leader type of position. The guy, whose name is Ken, by the way, asked Rob what he needed to make.

Hopefully that is a good sign.

There is also a Target Distribution Center that just opened in July in the city where the house is located. They have some team leader type of positions open too.

So, I am still a bit anxious, but looking forward to seeing how God is going to work in this!

Dreaming big-yellow-house dreams...

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