Thursday, Mar. 18, 2004 || Cue some Twilight Zone music here

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Something really Twilight Z0ne happened at work today.

I was doing m0nster.c0m searches for some potential associates. I found a resume that looked decent, so I made a phone call. We'll say her name is Kara S. Left a message for Kara to give me a call at XYZ Staffing so I can talk to her about her resume with a woman at the listed number. The normal spiel.

As I am hanging up from that call, another line is ringing. Sounds like someone in their car; you know the typical background noises.

"Thank you for calling XYZ; this is Nicole, how may I help you?"

"This is Kara S. I am registered with you and I am calling to give you my new cell number and make sure that I am marked available."

At this point I am looking at my computer screen, a resume with the same name staring me in the face. I jot a quick note on my handy-dandy notepad and let her know I will check her file and update her number.

I am now thinking, "Okay, surely this is a different Kara S. She has a fairly common name."

I look her up in our system. An inactive associate. I don't have a social from the resume, so I compare the phone number listed in our system with the one on the resume.

Same one.

Cue creepy music here.

Now, from all I can tell, she has no clue I called her home and left a message. She called so close to me hanging up that there is literally no way someone could have called her and given her the message.

What are the odds?

Of course, if she considered our agency a real employer (which, if she was/is registered with us we were/are her employer) and she'd listed us on her resume, I would have looked her file up straight-away.

And I would not have called her.

Now if she calls back tomorrow, I'll have to explain why I called her. But we probably aren't going to use her, sooooo... The truth without a lot of elaboration. Something like, just going through resumes, checking your availability, blah, blah, blah. All true. I just hope she doesn't ask why I called about her resume and does that mean we have something.

At least I simply left a message saying that I wanted to talk to her about her resume. Maybe I can ask why she didn't list us. (Sass says some of them just think of us as chopped liver.)

Or perhaps I should just say, "I haven't been with the company very long and don't know all the associates". The dumb new girl gig.

Welcome to the wonderful world of staffing.

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