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The TSO concert was incredible. It was a rock show in every sense of the word, and yet it just oozed Christmas in every way. I am amazed at the talent of the composers, producers, and musicians. Not to mention the light show. It just took your breath away in parts.

The first half of the show were many of the songs from Christmas Eve and Other Stories. The website didn't say what songs they'd be doing, so to hear this one, my favorite of the CDs we own, complete with the narraration, was just...the best. Words escape me. But if you haven't heard this CD in it's entirety, you need to (Six, there's one part that I think is something I could see your dad doing; you'll understand, I think).

They rounded out the evening with what they called "stuff we don't usually get to do", then concluding with a few more Christmas songs.

If they haven't come to your town yet, don't stop, don't pass go until you purchase tickets. They are worth every penny. These folks play for almost three hours straight. I am not kidding you. But you don't even realize you've been there that long as you stumble out into the frosty winter's night.

It is riveting and intense and emotional and comforting and exhilirating and...and...

Can you tell I liked it just a little?

Well, except for one thing. I just can't reconcile the singing of Christ's birth with a vision of gyrating hips and the swinging of long blonde hair. Call me a prude, but when I hear someone belt out a hymn about the Holy Child, go-go boots and pelvic thrusts just aren't quite what I picture in my mind.

But her voice was amazing.

I am sure that's what all the guys were thinking too.

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