Monday, Jul. 25, 2005 || I'm trying...really I am!

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Rob had another meeting tonight that we hoped would give us the clarity we need to move forward no-holds-barred.


The senior pastor said it went well and that he would ask those in attendance to pray about it and let him know if they had any red flags over the next few days.

And come to find out he still wants us - our whole family - to meet with the rest of the staff and their families for an informal cook-out type thing before making a formal offer.


The first day of school up that way, from what I can see, is during the last week of August.

One question is, do we start looking for a house up there anyway? Some of the areas we've been looking at would be a bit too far of a commute for his job in PA should this fall through.

And then schools...if he is on staff, the kids will attend the school there at a considerable break. But if not, do we really want to move to DE - the public schools are not as good there as PA. BUT, the real estate taxes are exorbitant in PA.

Which would cost more - property taxes in PA or tuition in DE?


Oh, and did I mention that we can't meet with them this weekend (scheduling conflicts on both sides)?


And why is that verse in Isaiah about waiting on the Lord ringing in my head?!

I'm trying...I really am!

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