Thursday, May. 15, 2003 || When time should stand still

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Life is just totally insane lately.

I would like to be out east with my family during this difficult time, but the facts are that I have my own family that has to, has to come first.

That is just the way of things.

I havenít lived close to my extended family, as in within the same state, save 4 months in 1991, since the summer of 1988. I havenít minded too much, really. Not that I donít love and miss my family, my sisters especially, but I chose to marry a Navy man who became a preacher man and our path has taken us to various states away from where I grew up.

My cousin called this afternoon and told us that it may be just hours before my aunt slips into eternity. She told us she will call us when she needs us. That she will need us.

That is when we will load up the van, the kids, and put life on hold for a bit, to go.

Sometimes we do have to do that.

But for now, I will sprint through race training, housecleaning, various and sundry meetings, soccer practice, and martial arts, Pre-K graduation, church, rehearsals, more college prep, Kaytlinís assembly (for which she is receiving an academic and citizenship award!) and if time allows, a 5K.

Life will go on, but like Jen said to me Saturday, sometimes that just doesnít seem quite right.

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