Wednesday, May. 15, 2002 || Mucho thanks!

Nicole feels The current mood of nacwolin at

Well, I took the plunge, submitted for a review, and received the feedback today. Thank you, Candy, for the kind words!

I am thrilled!

~ ~ ~

In other news, as I type this, getstring is down. So, no GB lovin' for me right now. This bums me out. So, I am currently alternating between thrilled and bummed. Guess I'll go jump on the tread mill and sweat my tushie off a bit in the meantime.

~ ~ ~

Okay, now I am more than bummed; I am perturbed. Getstring is STILL down. It has been down for several hours now. I miss my guestbook! Don't you feel so sorry for me?

~ ~ ~

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