Sunday, Sept. 28, 2003 || If all days were a Sunday like this one day...

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Sometimes you have to take a step back from what is normal in your life to start seeing what is really happening in your life.

How's that for a philosophical run-on type of sentence?

Saturday we drove about 3 hours west and hung out with another couple in ministry. Applebees, a park, three deer running by while we talked and pondered and conjectured. It was refreshing, encouraging.

We drove another hour to our hotel. Rob was speaking at a church today and they put us up in a nice Comfort Inn. And even though the hottub was not hot, the very hot, very fresh Belgian waffles at the continental breakfast more than made up for it.

The folks at the church were great. They treated us like gold. Rob's message rocked. My voice held out for the two specials I sang.

It was a perfect day.

Until the Ravens game. Major suckage.

At least the Rams won, so it wasn't a total football blow-out kind-of-a-day. I am practically inconsolable when both of those teams are a vacuum.

So, I am feeling pretty good. Some Little Caeser's cheesy bread in my stomach, my current resume project ready for review tomorrow morning, some french and bio studying completed, a purring kitten on my lap.

We all need cotton-ball-cloud days full of smiling people, football games, and warm, fuzzy sweatshirts.

Think I will go bask in it all for a while until I just can't keep these eyelids open a moment longer.

As to what we discovered about our reality... Well, we didn't get any concrete answers. Yet. But I am now ready to keep looking, searching.

But that's what Mondays are for.

And some Sundays should just go on forever.

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