Thursday, Jul. 06, 2006 || A job that really sucks

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I got a job.

It's pretty low-key. Very minimal hours. Maybe 10 max for each week of the summer.

Oh, and it's ever so glamorous!

Okay, not really. It actually sucks.

As in vacuuming.

I'll be cleaning at our church. Mostly prep for Sunday. So, lots and lots o' vacuuming (think 1K-seat auditorium).

I will probably only work 2, maybe 3 days a week. And the majority of the work will be done on Fridays. But hey, it's a bit of extra cash, and it's a light enough load that it shouldn't affect the summertime festivities too much.

So, overall I think it's a good thing. I wanted to do something administrative, but knew I really couldn't until the school year started, so this is a nice in-the-meantime kind of thing. Especially since we knew August would be pretty tight budget-wise, and we weren't sure I would be able to start working till September.

P@rker asked, "Why would you want to clean?"

"Because they are going to pay me!"

Do you think Rob would buy it if I told him I'd be a lot more conscientious here at home if I got some cash for scrubbing the tub?


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