Monday, Oct. 25, 2004 || You saw what flying along?

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Today I went to "guest teacher" training, and let me just say that this school system rocks. I am not naive enough to think that any school district is perfect, but this one really has it together.

And the instructors will incredible, weaving various teaching and classroom management strategies into everything they talked about. I feel so much more prepared now. They really expect us to teach when we are "subbing"; imagine that...

Here's a little taste from the day:

What am I talking about in the following story?

I saw a really negative bee flying along. He flew up and down until suddenly he ran straight into a square root sticking out of the ground. He looked inside and saw a really square bee. This square bee was dragging along behind him four AC batteries. He looked down and realized that he and the root were being balanced on a seesaw that had two apples holding it up at the middle.

Leave your answers/guesses in my guestbook. You all have been way too quiet lately.

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