Friday, Aug. 19, 2005 || A strange, small world

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Spent about 8 hours cleaning out and sorting a mosquito-infested garage and so far I feel just three bites, only one of which itches at this point.

Thank God for Av0n Skin S0 S0ft oil!

I am sore this morning. And not just my shoulder and back muscles from lifting and dragging boxes. No, I did something divinely graceful yesterday morning.

I went outside to move the cars out of the driveway to make room for the moving truck, and tripped, either on the edge of my sandle or on a raised spot on the concrete. I usually manage to catch myself, but this time I went down on my hands and one knee.

Man, scrapes hurt like Haddes.

When the truck did get here, I went out front to greet the driver and sign the paperwork (we use a company that drops off a trailer, we pack it, then they drive it to the destination for us). He smiled and said, "Wow, you all have really fixed up the place. It looks great."

"Strange," I thought, but I said thank you. Perhaps he lives in our neighborhood...

He continued, "You haven't lived here very long. You fix it up just to leave, huh?"

Now I must have had a funny look on my face, because he quickly said, "I dropped the truck off when you moved in."


What a strange, small world we often live in, you know?

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