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When I stumbled upon this design, it appealed to me for a variety of reasons. The colors are cool and refreshing, like a tall glass of ice cold water. The girl in the picture looks content and confident, like she just stepped out onto a warm, sandy beach. She then tilts her head toward the cerulean sky, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, catching the rays of a golden sun, her cheeks caressed by a salty sea breeze.

I want to be her!

But it wasn’t just that picture or the colors. The words scrawled along the bottom right of the image stopped me in my tracks. We were meant to live for something more…


I get so busy in the day-to-day, routine, redundant, stressful, busy-ness of life, I sometimes forget that there is a lot more to life than just waking up, muddling through my to-do list (when I remember to make one), my weary head finally hitting the pillow for a few hours, only to repeat the same.

There is so much more.


Helping others.


Finding joy in simple things. I want this to be a place where I never forget to celebrate the simple things. Things that make me smile, and even belly-laugh. Many of you have been that place for me too.

Yes, there is much, much more.

Jumping in feet first.

Following dreams. Taking risks. Breaking new ground.

I have caught a glimpse into your hearts, and your courage inspires me.

Now when I come to this place, I think of these words*:

Today I watched in silence as people passed me by,
And I strained to see if there was something hidden in their eyes;
But they all looked back at me as if to say
Life just goes on.
The old familiar story told in different ways,
Make the most of your own journey from the cradle to the grave;
Dream your dreams tomorrow because today
Life must go on.

But there’s more to this life than living and dying,
More than just trying to make it through the day;
More to this life, more than these eyes alone can see,
And there’s more than this life alone can be.

I want to make a difference. I want to be a light in a dark place.

I want my life to mean something, and each time I come here, I will be reminded of that.

*More to This Life by SC Chapman.

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