Monday, Nov. 29, 2004 || Still waiting

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Thanksgiving wasn’t as melancholy as I anticipated. And I realized that all of my PMS-y hormones were directed toward my mother (not audibly, but she sure had a way of making me want to roll my eyes and mumble to myself), which made this a real thanksgiving for dear Rob.


Got to spend time with the P-tribe and Tara and kiddos. Ate mucho turkey and stuffing and pecan pie and gooey pumpkin cake (which must be what manna tasted like) and even some green stuff (Rob, you’ve just gotta post a pic of that!). Seems Janie couldn’t find any mini marshmallows. Regular size marshmallows in “green stuff” = that which resembles something you could find in the back of our mother’s fridge.

Hurried home on Friday night to be sure we didn’t miss the Steven Curt1s Ch@pman/Chr1s Tomlin/C@sting Crowns concert on Saturday evening.

It was amazing. I am still processing it.

I’ve never been one who could sing and cry simultaneously. But during C@sting Crown’s song, “Who Am I?”, I realized my cheeks were wet, even as I sang along. I can’t even describe the symphony of emotions, nor the tangible presence of God. It took my breath away.

Rob and I spent a lot of time discussing our future over the weekend. Sometimes I feel like we are moving forward; more often I feel like we are up against a wall.

Someone asked me yesterday if we were considering a particular direction. My response:

“We aren’t not considering any direction!”

You hear a lot about thinking outside the box. We’re simply trying not to put God in a box. Trying not to overlook any possibilities. Paying attention to how God has uniquely gifted us, what our passions are, how our abilities, strengths, and even our weakness all fit together.

Waiting for doors to open.

It’s exciting and frustrating. I know Rob’s heart and passion is vocational ministry. But how? Where? When?

I am thinking my epitaph will be, “She waited.”

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