Sunday, Jan. 25, 2004 || Stillness

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Snow is falling softly, swiftly, lightly dusting everything in our yard, on the street, making houses look like gingerbread. It is surreal and calming.

I can hear the kids watching TV, a movie. Tarzan. Kaytlin singing along with Phil Collins.

Rob is in his office, tinkering on the computer. And I sit in the livingroom, a black and white kitty at my side, my right hand chilled cold from using my mouse. Kilz dotting the back of my hands, reminding me of our closet yet unfinished.

Our church had their first service in the new auditorium today. One word to describe it. Awesome. You could feel every note of the music. It was as if your spirit just soared to the ceiling as over 400 people lifted their voices in song.

It has been a quiet day of family, napping, and chores. So different from our Sundays just two months ago.

I am still not used to the current stillness in my life...

But I am beginning to think that I can settle right in.

~ ~ ~

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