Monday, Aug. 30, 2004 || Squirrely rescue

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Our mom raised us with a love of all creatures (well, okay, most, I still don't tolerate spiders) that inhabit suburbia. Hence the praying mantis on the poor kid's head photo.

I came home from taking K to track tryouts and noticed something that looked like an itty bitty animal in our driveway. Of course, it looked rodent-like and dead, but I had to check it out, you know? Sure enough, it was a squirrel, sopping wet, eyes shut tight, but upon a little prodding with a twig, still breathing. At that point, I immediately heard the mama in the tree above me a-squawking away!

I picked the little guy up with a towel and laid him on another towel in a bucket turned sideways and sat him under the tree. I then came inside and did a G00gle search on squirrel care. That led me to a local wildlife rehabilitator's number.

She told me that since the mother was nearby, she would probably take him back to the nest. So, she instructed me to nail a shallow basket as far up on the tree as I could. She told me to fill a sock with dry rice and microwave it for 35 seconds, then lay it under a towel and place the squirrel on top of it, in the basket, uncovered, so he could stay warm and the mama could see him.

She told me to wait inside about 1.5 hours and if the mama didn't retrieve the little one, I could bring him to her.

I watched at the bay window in the family room, checking on and off over the first 10 minutes. And then I saw it, almost as quick as a blink. Mama Squealing Squirrel was down that tree, in that basket, baby in mouth, and back up that tree in no time!

The rehabilitator told me to keep my eyes out through the evening as we are having wind, rain, and storms from Gaston, and he may try to take another tumble.

I hope not. One squirrely rescue a day will do, ya think?

I do have the basket and warming sock at the ready, though. Just in case.

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