Monday, Nov. 24, 2003 || "Tell them to put it in their pipe and smoke it!"

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Here's the latest.

Last night we got a contract, but they wanted a lot more than we are willing to give (reducing price by over 7K, paying some at closing, etc.) to the tune of almost 11K!

When the realor read Rob their offer over the phone last night, Rob announced, and rather loud I might add, in the presence of about 100 people at a church Thanksgiving potluck supper:

"Tell them to put it in their pipe and smoke it!"

Once he calmed down, he called the realtor back and apolgized. Her response was, "You were offended by their offer weren't you?" He admitted he was. We already had in our minds that we could, and would, work with about 5K toward securing a contract. Almost 11K is asking a bit too much.

So, we countered this morning, offering a 1K reduction in price, accepting their request for 3K at closing and for the purchase of a home warranty (at no more than $399; they are first time buyers and the home warranties really aren't worth the cost, but they don't know that), and moving their requested closing date up by a month. (They put a Jan. 23rd closing; we need to close by 12/19.)

They also asked that we replace some broken ceiling tiles in the lower level/rec room. We've already bought the tiles, but Rob can't get them in right, so we simply offered to supply them. They also want all the carpets professionally cleaned; we offered to have them cleaned (I have a Bissel steam cleaner and will do it myself, which I planned on anyway).

All of this is also contingent on their acceptance of the city's plans for the road expansion here; we disclosed what they are doing, but they want to see an official plan from the county.

Soooooo.....we continue to pray. Pray that His will be done. Of course, we would like to see them accept our counter. They have till 10 PM central time today.

Hoping to be back with good news later...

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