Sunday, May. 11, 2003 || Paint the sky with me

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I have a really cool guy, who just happens to be my husband, my best friend, my pastor, and the father of my children.

(Yes, that means I get to sleep with him! *smiling slyly*)

I am not sure I mentioned it before, but about two weeks ago he took me shopping for an early Mom's Day gift, a running watch, which I love.

This morning the kids handed me a mushroom shaped package. Rob said, "This is for your birthday and Mother's Day...From the kids."

Shew! I thought I was going to be giftless on the day of my nativity. (Wow, that sounds plain awful doesn't it?! Am I a selfish wench, or what?!) But anyway, back to the "mushroom".

I opened it to reveal that the oddly shaped contraption is actually an MP3 player, the RCA Lyra to be exact. Now I can run and listen to tunes. Since he is the more computer literate of the two of us, I am certain some odd, as well as annoying, songs will make it on there.

But, wow, what a cool gift! I said to him, "Now I know that you support my running."

And he said, "I support you."

We had lunch at my favorite restaurant, and bonus, moms ate free, so I had my favorite dish, Shrimp Nachos.

Oh, yeah.

It has been a sweet and relaxing day. But the very best part came in the early morning light, while the house was quiet and I was the only one padding about.

I found a folder on the table and inside was this:

A dream, a wish
Hope of a brilliant sky
The canvas of my life
Sundry shades of blue
The sad, the mad
A backdrop
For her to shine brighter.

She and me painting
And I the darker hue
She radiates
My sky
Balancing my blue.

And the brilliance I see
A beautiful picture
Of three
From two
But She the one
My darling, my love
Who made my dream....
Come true.

Penned by the man I have spent over 14 years living with, learning of, loving.

I am blessed.

~ ~ ~

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