Monday, Jun. 10, 2002 || 450,000 your heart out!

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Skeeball. I love that game.

When my sisters and I were kids, our grandfather worked at an arcade, Fun City. Every grandpa should work at an arcade called Fun City.

And did I mention that the arcade was at the beach? And what do you think the darling granddaughters of an arcade manager might do?

Play lots and lots of skeeball.

I never understood why one would spend all their quarters/tokens on video games when everyone knows that you win tickets when you play skeeball. And mondo tickets mean cool prizes. Well, at least they seemed cool when you were, say, 12.

The year that I was "banished" to the beach due to a severe (and I mean severe - I looked like the elephant man) case of poison sumac (apparently, salt water is just the ticket for such messes), I spent most of my day hanging out with Pop at the arcade. I saved so many skeeball tickets, I won a small radio. I was cool. I was hip. And I was addicted.

I have never lost this love for skeeball.

Fast forward to the present. I have a hard time just "playing". I am the one in the family who stands by and watches the tickling matches, hide and seek tourneys, baseball in the backyard. I have always felt sort of like an "old soul". I was the kid who wanted to hang out with the grown-ups, tossed all dolls out at the ripe old age of 8, couldn't wait to get out of the house.

Except when it comes to skeeball. I still adore skeeball. Add to this fact a healthy competitive streak and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese today.

Skeeball machines have changed slightly since I was a kiddo. For one, you get 9 balls now, and I seem to remember 10. And they have now added 2 100 point slots, up at the top on each side. These suckers are small, but if you roll the ball just right, you can land a few right in that pocket.

Rob and I always compete in skeeball. It is kind of an unspoken challenge. One of us moseys on over to the skeeball machines and starts to play. And then we get a decent score, say in the upper 200,000. And so we mosey on over to the other and say...


Back to today.

"280,000," Rob announced after a few games.

"310,000," I said a bit later, not one to be one-upped so easily.

In no time flat, Rob had bested me with a 360,000.


The race was on. For each game played (there are about 7 machines), extra tickets are added to the bonus board. The first person to get 450,000 or more gets all the bonus tickets, as well as 20 tickets for getting over 450,000. I have achieved this lofty goal just once.

That is, until today.

"450,000!!" I squealed as the bonus siren blared and over 150 tickets belched out of the skeeball machine.

To give him his due, Rob was sincerely happy for me, but he could not let me have the high score of the day. So wouldn't you know it, about three games later he got 540,000!?

But he only got about 20 bonus tickets.


Did I mention that I won over 150 bonus tickets?!

Nope. I'm not gloating. Not a bit.

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