Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2003 || Six more weeks, Nicole. Just six more weeks...

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Gosh, I feel like I am just in this slump lately. Or maybe a better way to describe it would be a fog. Sort of that first-thing-in-the-morning, I-am-up-way-too-early, I-need-some-coffee feeling. Only I keep drinking cup after cup of coffee and the static in my head stays, a dull white noise just behind my eyelids.

Stress. It’s got to be stress, right? Blech. I am just tired of being tired, and I want to giggle and have belly laughs and something funny and entertaining to write about.

Rob and I had a late lunch at Chi1i’s today. Since I had just come from my fitness class, where I drank about 20 oz. of water and then proceeded to gulp down another 2 or 3 glasses at the restaurant, a potty break was inevitable. As I was going about my business, I overheard a Mom and daughter in the neighboring stall.

(the mom) “Are you done? Do you have to go potty?”

(the kid) “There’s no sign of it!”

(mom giggles) “Oh, really?”

(kid) “Nope. There’s no sign of it.”

(the mom) “Can you please try to go?”

A pause, as the sound of what I went in there to do starts.

(the kid) “That was me! That was me! All done!”

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud at that little negotiator.

Okay, so what does that say about my life when about the most interesting thing I have to write about is the conversation between a mom and their little one in a public restroom?

I am weary already of the house showings. And today was only day 4! We are averaging 2 showings a day, one in the morning and one right at dinner time. I told Rob tonight that we need to ask for meal reimbursement out of our realtor’s commission. I never thought I would say this, but I am getting tired of eating out. Tired of the choices, that is. Though tonight, Rob and I went to P@nerra Bread, and I tried a wonderful cream of mushroom type soup that was served with a nice chunk of sourdough bread. I love when the cooler weather starts. To me, this is soup weather. I even had soup for lunch at Chi1i’s – chicken enchilada. Now if only I could convince Rob that a big pot of soup and warm rolls or bread really is a meal…

I am so enjoying my fitness class, and it has been a wonderful respite during a hectic week. I love using the weight machines, and have been able to increase from my starting weights on all of them now, increasing many of them by a significant amount. The one that kicks my proverbial butt is the biceps machine. I have never had a plethora of upper body strength as it is, so it has been tough, but finally, today, I was able to complete my reps at a higher weight.

Go, me.

I hope I can find, and afford, a good gym in VA. I have wanted to incorporate weight training into my workout for a long time, and I am really loving it.

So, life goes on. I am taking it one sleep-deprived day at a time. And I keep telling myself...

“Six more weeks, Nicole. Just six more weeks…”

~ ~ ~

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