Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2004 || Finally settling in

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We are finally in our home on the east coast. It is so stinkin' cold here right now; Kaytlin wants to know why the word "beach" is in the city name and why MO weather came with us.

It is taking us some time to get unpacked and have the house in order. We decided that since we had to paint, we might as well go for the gusto and start right off with all the colors we want. The master bedroom is done except for some trim and the doors and the boys' room is half-way complete.

My best friend, Tammy, and her boyfriend, Steven, came down over the weekend and were a huge help. Tammy loves to paint, so I put her right to it. Steven worked on several projects with Rob; actually Rob worked on several projects with Steven. Now we have a new front door with some kickin' trim that Tam and I painted, a new bedroom door, new outlets and switches in the bedrooms, and a new exhaust fan and wiring in the main bathroom.

Oh yes, boring home improvement talk. I am sure you will be biting your nails for the next update!

In other news, I have gained about 5 lbs since the move. I haven't been able to walk or run in about two weeks, so I am woefully behind in my Going Nowhere goal. I can't wait till it warms up enough to run outside.

If you had told me I would say that this time last year, I would have laughed my fool head off, but I can honestly say that I miss running. It is a great way to clear your head as I count laps and try to reach my time goals for that run.

Come on, Spring!

Did I mention it is freakin' cold here?!

I finally have groceries in the house and was able to prepare our first home-cooked dinner here tonight. I went totally gourmet.

Not. Cheesesteak subs and chips. Woohoo!

And I am loving having Utz chips and Tasty Kakes! Hey, Jen, I went to a WaWa a few weeks ago and they are totally awesome. Man, what a cool coffee bar! Rob took a pic of me outside (yeah, I can be corny like that); perhaps I will post it some day.

Along with home improvement photos. We are taking them. They will be cool.

I better get back to unpacking some boxes. I still haven't found the salt and pepper shakers.

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