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My review has been rescheduled till tomorrow morning. We had an office full of techies upgrading our system to XP.

Bossman probably would have been too preoccupied. All things work together for good, so I am going to just trust the timing on this.

Rob's "training" starts tomorrow. His recruiter is discussing rates with the company. He is going to shoot high so he can get Rob in the range they both want (he gets his percentage, of course).

Today at work we received a fax of an associate's resume. I walked over to the file cabinet to find her file and happened to read the top where the fax machine automatically inscribes the phone number and sent from info.

It said, "Sent by Jesus".

"Wow, look who's sending us faxes," I said to Bossman and Tonnie.

We all got a bit of a laugh out of that one.

And then Bossman's replied, "So, maybe it came from heaven".

Now isn't that an interesting comment from an orthodox Jew?

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