Monday, Jul. 22, 2002 || No longer a safe place

Nicole feels The current mood of nacwolin at

I have been informed that I should watch what I say in this forum of on-line journaling.

This royally ticks me off. This is supposed to be a place where I can BE ME! And it is quickly becoming a censored zone.

So, I am asking that if you attend our church, please do not read my diary anymore. I would like to have the freedom to speak my mind about anything, and I have found myself guarding what I say. That is not your fault, and I am not blaming you. It just goes with the territory of "life in a fishbowl".

I am asking, as your friend and sister in Christ, that if you are a part of our church family, and if you care even an iota for me, please respect my privacy and discontinue visits to this site.

And if you should choose to continue visiting here, please keep anything and everything you read in the strictest of confidence.

Deepest thanks from the bottom of my heart,


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