Thursday, Oct. 02, 2003 || "You want to run!?" scoffed Nicole's remaining red blood cells...

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Note to self.

Do not attempt to run less than 24 hours after giving away approximately 11% of your blood.

Yeah, so, can I blame it on being blonde?

Here's the thing. I have found it extremely difficult to get any running time in lately. I ran some on my treadmill earlier this week, but the thing really kicks my butt because it is at a perpetual 1.5% incline.

I decided I would work my way up a quarter of a mile at a time until I could easily run several on the 'mill. They will be closing my favorite park soon to prepare for a holiday light festival, and it is hard to find the High School track free, so I know the 'mill will be my only hope through the long, cold Missouri winter.

So, I was ready to add that new lap to Tuesday's distance this morning.

Only my blood cells started screaming, "We are working too hard in your legs to get up to your arms or brain or lungs right now."

Only .75 mile into it and my chest was burning and my arms, especially the pin-cushioned one, were aching. I quickly ramped down to a brisk walk to finish out with 1.5 miles, but I got off the thing feeling like my head was full of helium.

It wasn't anything a little Chinese food for lunch couldn't cure.

Just before my exercising fiasco, I thought for a moment that perhaps my mother had moved to MO.

I keep finding coffee cups, about 1/3rd full of coffee, cold, in the microwave. This morning it was last night's brew. I found it when I tried to nuke some oatmeal for Parker.

This is really scary because, a) last I checked, my mother still lives over 400 miles from here and b) that unfortunately means I must have left the cup of coffee in there.

We have always teased Mom about warming her coffee only to forget she did so, finding the cup in the microwave, sometimes hours later, congealing in the cup.

And now I am doing it!!

What kind of freakishly genetic thing is this??

I think I need a nap.

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