Saturday, Feb. 01, 2003 || Let's hear it for the duck!

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I finally got a duck!

Yay, me!

For those of you who have absolutely no clue what I am talking about, at the beginning of this year I joined a group delightfully coined "The Going Nowhere Posse" by the delectable Marn. My goal is to travel 500 miles in 2003 without actually going anywhere. This will be accomplished on my treadmill.

Marn devised the clever idea of giving us all some incentive to hit 10% levels. When we have met one, we can choose between a duckie, cookie, or silver star.

Today I broke the 50 mile barrier and promptly displayed my first duckie with my stats. With great glee, I might add.

Seriously though, being a part of this group has really motivated me to stick with my exercise regimine and even push myself farther. I know that by going just 10 miles a week I will exceed my goal. And yet, each week, I try to push myself a little farther.

And on the days I really don't feel like walking, let alone running, I think of the ducks. And the rest of the posse cheering me on. And I drag my lazy hiney on that treadmill and go.

The payoffs are great. I feel better. My metabolism continues to increase. I maintain my weight.

And I get a Ten percent there rubber duck.. A firmer tush and rubber duckies - what more could a girl ask for on a lazy winter Saturday?

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