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The alarm went off about 7:00 this morning, and after nudging Rob about six times, at least, and hearing him finally stumble off to the shower upstairs, I stumbled out of bed and into our bathroom.


Wet carpet. In the bathroom. And upon closer inspection, around most of the exterior walls.

Did I mention that our room is in the basement? How about the fact that we've received a good 12 inches of rain since Saturday? Oh, and that our house, according to Rob's GPS unit, is below sea level?

Um, yeah.

So, my question is, why 40+ years ago did the developers build a bunch o' homes with basements in an area below sea level, fully intending that the basement be part of the living space since the fireplace is down here?

We knew we had some leaking issues in the laundry room area, which is unfinished. It was put on the disclosure that it *used* to leak, but that they had sealed it. But, several times during a deluge, a bit of water has come down the cement walls and promptly ran right into the drain in the floor.

So, no biggie.

We figured they didn't finish off that area because it had leaked before. And the disclosure said that the finished areas had been waterproofed and sealed.

I guess 12 inches of rain, with a good 2 inches coming down yesterday alone, laughs mockingly at any and all waterproofing methods in a basement that sits below sea level.

At least there was no standing water. I have a plethora of fans a-blowing in our room and bathroom. And we will get a dehumidifier, which should help with the lovely thickness in the air that seems to permeate the area right now.

And the sun is out today! If things can just dry out for a few...

And I realize, it could be much, much worse.

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