Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004 || Fuzzy brain = rundown entry

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For someone as locquacious as I generally am (just ask them), I am having the toughest time thinking of what to write here lately.

In an attempt to keep this from being a mundane, rundown entry, here's the latest in this neck of the woods:

1. We made a quick trip to the land of my birth to attend my cousin's wedding on Saturday. It was a bittersweet event, much of our family's thoughts running back and forth between this beautiful day and those missing. Jen's mom passed last May. She loved Sean, and though it went unsaid, I know everyone missed Aunt Dink's ethereal presence.

I was called into the "bride's room" soon after Rob and I arrived, and tears immediately stood in my eyes when I saw Jen. She hugged me and said, "Why are you crying?"

I said, "I don't know!"

She said, "This is the rule. You don't cry, because if you cry, Jen cries. And Jen isn't going to cry anymore."

She broke her own rule during the Daddy and bride dance. And so did my uncle.

My uncle, who at first seems very strong, almost cold, brought Jen three items which were pinned to the tulle under her gown. Her greatgrandmother's handkerchief, her mom's pearls, and our grandmother's broach.

"See. They are right here with me," she said, patting her skirt.

Sean is an avid sailor. His team presented him with the team flag as a gift (now THAT made Jen cry!), and they actually left the reception by boat. Very nice touch.

If I can ever get the pics from Rob, I will try to post some here...

2. My fantasy football team is not doing so well. I try not to be annoyed by it, but that competitive streak in me makes it tough.

3. Kaytlin came in third again in the 800 meter at her meet yesterday. The coach really wants her to run the mile. She keeps telling him no. She also tells me that there is no way she will ever beat the girl who has finished first in the 800 at both meets. Our girl miler doesn't do so great.

I am thinking, "Hello!? K@ytlin, here's your chance!" The thing is, I know she can do it. She just has to decide to.

So, I just keep encouraging her to try the mile. And I am really proud of her for placing at both meets.

4. My exercising has hit another brick wall. It doesn't help that I have been achy and crampy the past two days. Going back to my cozy bed rather than lacing up the running shoes has been much more tempting the past two mornings after the kids leave.

I guess that's about it. At least, that's all my fuzzy brain can regurgitate today. So, here's a picture of us on the docks near the wedding reception.

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