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We are going through a Bible Study in our ladies group called "Tame Your Fears" by Carol Kent. This week's study was on the fear of being vulnerable: losing control and revealing who I really am. There was ALOT in this that I related to. I want to share two quotes that really impacted me.

"The quest of the woman who does too much is to live in the humility of being who she really is. To believe that God knew what He was doing when He made her. And that she is-this moment-the right age, the right gender, the right size. She has done enough. Or more accurately, she can never do enough to warrant the kind of love that's been offered her in Christ. She can only reach out and claim it." (Paula Rinehart in Perfect Every Time)

"God loves me just because I exist, not because of what I do for Him." (Carol Kent)

Something else that really jumped off the page to me was in the section on the negative results of not allowing ourselves to be open with another person. One of the results is:

"..."the imposter syndrome"..."a deep sense of fraudulence or unworthiness that bears no relation to reality". When our sense of self-esteem is very low, though we may actually be educated, talented, and dynamic, we are convinced that we've gotten where we are only be fooling the rest of the world. We are fearful of letting anyone get close to us - because they might find out what a "nobody" we really are and tell someone else." (Carol Kent)

I knew this study would be a challenge, but it is stretching me in a good way, and I am seeing other women open up to one another. It is healing, refreshing, and rejuvenating. And it is humbling to have a small part in such discoveries and triumphs.

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