Friday, Jul. 30, 2004 || Maybe I was heard afterall

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Heading back up to B-town today to pick up my honey and my girl. My honey may come in tonight rather than tomorrow; that would be nice, but we shall see if he can pull it off.

Got an interesting phone call yesterday. The Drama Queen from my previous employer. Seems they would like me to consider coming back to work for them as a part time recruiter. Most of the work would be done from home.


I am considering it. Not sure I want to be tied down to anything on a regular basis (I was thinking of just registering to substitute teach, working only when I choose to), so it will have to have lots of flexibility and Former-BossMan will have to meet my hourly pay requirements, which are now definitely more! Rob thinks I should ask for a base and a bonus based on actual interviews and resultant hires.

It is nice to be in this place, to know I can just say no.

And The DQ basically told me to come up with everything I can, and would, do and present it to them. So, I may actually be writing my own job description.

Seems they are desperate. They have 30 open job orders. The most I ever recall was about 22 at one time.

And Sass resigned just a week or so after returning from maternity to leave; she, hubby, and baby are moving closer to "home".

I imagine that threw ole former-BossMan for a loop. He leaned most heavily upon her.

Let's be honest; she ran the place.

But according to Tonnie, they seem to have a good cookie in there - my "replacement" - she had staffing coordinator experience. And from what I hear, everyone likes her, and I am told I will too.

So, I am thinking on it and will pray about it over the weekend.

One thing's for certain: it is nice to know that my work there really was valued. And the person whose opinion I valued most, Sass, is the one who recommended me.

Maybe I was heard afterall.

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