Monday, Mar. 28, 2005 || Re-carded

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You all have heard of re-gifters, right?

Well, my husband is a re-carder.

I had to get up really early on Easter morning to be at the church for praise team rehearsals. I hadn't taken the time to purchase an Easter card for this man I've chosen to spend the rest of my life with, so I went to an e-card site, found a nice one, and e-mailed it to him.

When we got home from church later that afternoon, I had an e-mail waiting with the subject line "Happy Easter". Attached was a .jpg of a flower with a quote and "Happy Easter, honey. I love you, Rob". The time stamp was about 8:12 AM, a few minutes before he would have left for church.

"Awww, thanks, honey."

It seemed vaguely familiar, the picture, the sentiment, the quote...

"Hey, this is just like the one I sent you. That's really weird that you'd pick out the same card..."

He started laughing. I looked at the picture again.

My oh-so-romantic-and-too-creative-for-his-own good hubby had simply taken the card I'd sent him and editted it to be from him. Then he changed the time stamp to make it look like he'd sent it that morning.

See what I mean?

I feel so re-carded.

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