Monday, Nov. 21, 2005 || Random

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I really and truly don't have anything interesting to say, so here are just a few one liners to sum up life at this juncture.

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- I am wearing Two Plums Up nail color...gotta love 0PI.

- Kay had a boyfriend for all of five minutes (well, not really, but close) before she dumped him, though he swears he was about to break up with her (what-ev-ah).

- N@than has managed to have a lock-up of sorts every other day since we began home schooling.

- Did I mention that I matched my new polish to the top I plan to wear on Turkey Day; yeah, I can be anal like that.

- Several of the letters on the H00ter's sign were blown out, prompting Kay to exclaim, "hey, it's Hor's!" and Parker to reply, "What's a whore?"

- Do you thinking finishing off a bottle of red will affect my ability to compose a physical Science test?

- The folks around here call the lower half of the state "slower (insert state name here)"; what is that about?

- I can't wait till tomorrow night to find out who isn't the B1ggest Loser; what does that say about my social life?

- Christmas shopping; what's that?!

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