Saturday, Jul. 05, 2003 || One goal complete, more to do...

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Wow, everyone, thanks for the congrats in my guestbook. It really means alot!

Last night, I checked out the official race results (I was surprised they had them posted so quickly!). They have my time as 26:31, just 6 seconds slower than I had. That makes my pace 8:32 per mile.

I finished 11th in my age group and 34th overall for all women (out of 119).

I finished 114th out of 268 total racers.

I am happy! I guess my next goals will be for a 25:00 time and to be in the top 10 in my age group.

So, I will keep running, probably focusing on 3-5 miles distances. For now, anyway.

Oh, I almost forgot in all the hub-bub of my race, the 4th, and trying to get ready for our vacation (which I am no where near ready for...), I went to the college and took the math assessment. Oh. My. Goodness. It has been way too long since I took Algebra!

The good news is I tested out of two levels. The bad news is I have to take two math classes, Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra, before I can take the class I have to have to meet my Gen-Ed requirement.

I have decided that God is giving me a chance to really re-learn algebra so I can help the kids when they start taking it in the next few years.

I also chose my classes. I will be taking Spanish Language and Culture (4), Human Biology (3), Beginning Algebra (3), Fitness Center I (1), and Fitness Center II (1). Twelve total hours, and all classes are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

I am actually going to try to drop the second Fitness class if an opening comes up for the Human Bio lab after August 11th. I have to have a lab with one of my two required Science classes, but as of now, all the Human Bio labs are full.

So, in a nutshell, that is life right now. My first race is completed. I actually have a class schedule (oh my goodness, I am really going to do this, aren't I?). I still have to apply for my grant, but I can work on that online while we are on vacation (I hope). I have all of our packing left to do, and we leave tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and I am still trying to balance our money so we know how "elaborate" a vacation this will be (or not be).

I'll see you all when I come up for air sometime next week...

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