Wednesday, Jun. 08, 2005 || Cute quips and fussing a bit

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P@rker never fails to make me laugh with his bluntness.

Today, K@ytlin asked him to show her the picture of the girl he liked in his yearbook.

"That's her. But, I broke up with her."

He's seven, people. He's seven and he's already breaking hearts.

Later, K@ytlin was playing the part of the egocentrical teenager. I said to her, "K@ytlin, I am not even going to tell you what you are acting like right now."

P@rker piped in, "A jerk?"

~ ~ ~

I've been fussing at God a bit lately. I've been asking Him if he realizes that it is June and we still don't know - we still don't have any firm confirmation - if we will be moving this summer.


I am trying to be patient. Really I am. But it's just tough. It's tough to not really have any roots yet.

It's been almost a year in this mode.

I know He does not change, and as we've trusted Him before we can trust Him again.

But sometimes it's just hard in the day-to-day-ness of it all.

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