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A note I sent in response to an email inquiry today.


Hi! Just a quick note, because, yes, you are right, I am a bit busy. Who am I kidding?! Overwhelmed is more like it!

I love the house, but it is not getting unpacked very fast due to my school
responsibilities. I am basically writing a High School Computer curriculum as I go. I am not enjoying that so much, and the lab still needs a lot of work, which is kind of frustrating. BUT, I really enjoy the Grammar classes I am teaching, and I have a good curriculum for those. I especially enjoy the 8th grade class, which Kay is in.

We are learning what is expected of us at church - they are pretty laid back,
but I am still kind of at a loss at times. Tonight we had a staff wives dinner for two of the ladies birthdays, so that was fun. They went on to the movies while I came home to write a Computer quiz. Responsibilities and all that!

Rob was given a big project at work today too, so no rest for us for a bit, but you know, this season will pass too, right? It is funny how things tend to be all or none around here!

I am glad to hear the kids are enjoying school. P@rker loves his class and has
a new best friend: the youth pastor's son, D3rek. K@ytl1n has made friends
quickly as she always does and is playing volleyball. And N@than seems to like it, but is struggling with the homework load. It is tough to see him lock up in class sometimes - the mom in me hurts, but the teacher in me has to treat him as I do all the others. Pray for him to adjust to the work load better.

I will write more soon - thanks for writing.

Love, N.

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