Sunday, Apr. 27, 2003 || PeeWee Kicks and Sore Boo-tays

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Parker and I had to duck out of church early today for his soccer game. Rain delay yesterday, so it was rescheduled for noon.

First let me say, we have a good coach this year. Some of you who have read me for a while may remember my angst over last year’s clueless coach. Coach T is sweet, confident, and you know, I think she may have even played the game before.

Imagine that!

Parker was a starter since he attended practice. Oh. My. Goodness. I know he is my kid, and mom’s are supposed to be partial, but this kid’s got something. He can dribble all over the field, has great ball control, can stop the ball with some leap-in-the-air-land-with-the-ball-between-his-feet thing and then take it in the opposite direction in a flash. Once he got ahead of the pack, he usually scored. He scored 7 of the 14 goals (they won 14-2); he scored in 7 out of 9 attempts. The coach actually benched him for a little while so the other team would have a chance to score (and that was the only time they scored).

Oh, yes, I am proud.

It was especially cute when he would look for me in the crowd and give me the thumbs up after a point. His little face beaming.


Do need to work on his “hey, that other team is really losing” comments though. At lunch he announced, “That other team got screwed.” Oh, yes, I about spit my chicken enchilada out into my lap. I looked at Rob. “Where did he hear that? Our “oldest” child?”

“Um, yeah.”

That would be our 20-year-old tenant/adopted kid, not that sweet, cherubic girl to the left.

Had a little talk with dear P…

In other news, I finished my first week of 10K training, running a total of 7 miles. Slow and steady, slow and steady…

I ran my first hilly course yesterday and oh, man, oh man, my boo-tay is sore, sore, SORE. Sore would be a prelude to a firm, fit fanny, yes?

Say yes, say yes, say yes….

~ ~ ~

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