Thursday, Aug. 12, 2004 || "You remember that..."

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Just so those of you who still come here (which by the way, thank you, I know it hasn't exactly been enlightening or interesting lately) know that we are all alive and well, here I am.

I think I mentioned that the kids and I went up to my hometown to hang out with Rob while he worked in the Baltim0re/DC market. Yesterday, we drove with him down to Sal1sbury to finish up the test points, had an awesome meal at a childhood favorite, English's, and then headed south by way of the Ches@peake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Of course, it was dark by the time we got there, but one still can't help but be amazed by 18 miles worth of bridge and tunnels spanning the bay. Incredible.

I want to relay a funny story about Parker and Nathan, and I hope that no one is offended. It is just one of those innocence of children things, but...well, you'll see.

Sunday night we rented Shr3k 2 in our room. It was adorable. I personally loved the Puss in Boots character, and the kids got a kick out of him too (especially once they realized his voice was the same actor's who played Zorro, whom we named our cat after).

The next morning, Nathan and Parker were bouncing on one of the beds and wrestling about. I was absentmindedly playing on the computer. I heard Parker trying to get Nathan's attention.

"Nathan, Nathan. Nathan! You remember that Pussy last night?"

I quickly realized that he meant the cat in the movie. "Parker, honey, his name was Puss `n Boots. Call him that or Puss."

Okay, so maybe I'm crass, but there is just something about hearing your 6 year old proclaim such a thing to his brother.

Yeah, that's my Parker.

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